STVP National Survey


Survey for Service Providers, Policy Makers and Representative Organisations
You are invited to contribute information to a national project which aims to improve service delivery for women and girls with disabilities who are experiencing or at risk of violence.

Women with Disabilities and Violence in Australia
For more than 20 years, women with disabilities in Australia have spoken out about being denied the right to live their lives free from violence and abuse. Through Women with Disabilities Australia (WWDA), its affiliates, allies and partners, women with disabilities have shared their personal stories, experiences and views on the violence perpetrated against them and the systemic failures in legislation, policy, programs, services and support to prevent and address the multiple forms of violence they experience.

Women with disabilities have made it clear that it is time for action and that it is only through systemic change that their fundamental human right to freedom from violence will be realised.

Stop the Violence Project

The Stop the Violence Project (STVP) is in direct response to this call for real and sustainable systemic change . The STVP is a national policy reform project aimed at improving services for women and girls with disabilities experiencing or at risk of violence. A long-term objective for the project is to improve the quality of life of women and girls with disabilities in Australia, and to promote and protect their rights to freedom from violence, exploitation and abuse.


The project has been funded by the Safety Taskforce of the Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs (FaHCSIA) under its First Action Plan of the National Plan to Reduce Violence against Women and their Children (National Plan).


About this Survey
This survey represents your organisation€™s opportunity to contribute to building knowledge about Australia€™s capacity to develop and undertake good policy and practice measures to address violence prevention and response for women and girls with disabilities. It seeks information from organisations in the following key areas:

  • the work you do
  • the policies and legislative frameworks that guide your work, and
  • the challenges you face in responding to the needs of women and girls with disabilities experiencing or at risk of violence.

The information gathered will be used to build an evidence base for future reform of the service system to better respond to the needs of women and girls with disabilities.

Instructions for Completing the Survey


The survey is best completed online at


As a unique user, you may begin the survey, exit and return to it at any point prior to clicking the final SUBMIT tab. For organisations where multiple respondents may contribute information, an alternative to online the survey is provided in the form of a standardised submission template (word doc), available below.


The survey is designed to gather information from three key groups:

  • Service Providers (Word 531kb) €“ select this survey if your organisation is involved in direct service delivery to individual clients, including individual advocacy.
  • Policy Makers (Word 431kb) €“ select this survey if you are answering on behalf of a government and non-government organisation that contributes to the planning, evaluation and/or funding of programs and services
  • Representative Organisations (Word 381kb) €“ select this survey if your organisation represents the interests of particular groups (such as people with disabilities, women, people from cultural and linguistically diverse backgrounds, etc) or service providers in a particular sector.

If your agency operates in more than one of these areas please feel free to complete more than one survey. Your responses should reflect the views of the organisation rather than those of individual staff members.


Allow up to 30 minutes to complete the survey
Please complete survey by Friday 31 May 2013