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This project is national in scope and will lay the groundwork for improved service provision for women and girls with disabilities who are experiencing, or are at risk of, violence through:
  • Stakeholder engagement and consultation;
  • Building the evidence base by mapping good policy and practice models;
  • Conducting a high-level, cross-sector national symposium on violence against women with disabilities; and
  • Developing a good policy and practice compendium to address violence against women and girls with disabilities.
Stakeholder Engagement and Consultation

The project will identify key stakeholders across the domestic violence/sexual assault, disability as well as other relevant sectors including the criminal justice and victims support sectors, drawing on specialist local knowledge and expertise in each state and territory.

A Project Steering Group (PSG) consisting of representatives from each state and territory, as well as representatives from the National Disability Services, the Australian Association Council of Social Services, and the Australian Women Against Violence Alliance, chaired by the Sex Discrimination Commissioner of the Australian Human Rights Commission, will be responsible for providing overall project strategy and direction. The PSG will also, through their networks, engage and identify key informants to provide information for the project.

Building the Evidence Base

The project will undertake research and mapping activities to map good policy and practice models and measures to address and prevent violence against women with disabilities. The research and mapping will include identification of key gaps as well as positive initiatives and approaches.

The project will utilise a range of methods to collect and collate additional information in the mapping and analysis of past, current and planned good policy and practice measures and models to address and prevent violence against women and girls with disability.

National Symposium

A high-level, cross-sector National Symposium on Violence against Women and Girls with Disabilities was held in late 2013. The National Symposium will raise awareness on violence against women and girls with disabilities and generate consensus on good policies and practice measures to address the issue.

Resource Compendium

The project has developed a resource compendium to support good policy and practice in addressing issues of violence against women and girls with disabilities.