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Resource Compendium

This Resource Compendium is designed primarily for service providers and policy makers in a variety of sectors. It is comprised of key, selected resources that were agreed by the Australian Government Department of Social Services.  These resources can assist in designing and delivering services and in preparing policy to address issues of violence against women and girls with disabilities.

The research and findings of Stop the Violence Project can be found in the Background Paper [pdf] [doc], the Discussion Paper [pdf] [doc], and the Report of Outcomes and Proceedings of the National Symposium [pdf] [doc].


Wherever possible, this Resource Compendium contains accessible documents. However, some documents could not be obtained in accessible formats.


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How to use this Compendium

We recommend that you access Selected Key Principles as a first step, and then supplement this information on key principles with information from the section, Selected Key Resources.

Selected Key Principles:

Key principles for good practice in service delivery [doc]

Key principles for good practice in policy development and service modelling [doc]

Selected Key Resources:

Violence and Women and Girls with Disabilities

Statistical Data

Domestic and Family Violence

Legislation, Policy and Regulation

Sexual Assault

Access to Justice

Education and Training

Service and Project Links

Tools, Guidelines and Internal Policy Development