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Key Resources: Statistical Data
  • Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) (2012) Children with Disability Catalogue #4102.0. [html]

  • ABS (1996) Women's Safety Survey Catalogue #4128.0. [html] [pdf]

  • ABS (2005) Personal Safety Survey #4906.0. [html] [pdf]

  • ABS (2003) Survey of Disability, Ageing and Carers #4430.0. [html] [pdf]

  • ABS (2009) Survey of Disability, Ageing and Carers #4430.0. [html] [pdf]

  • Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW) Disability Data Cubes. [html]

  • Douglas A. Brownridge (2006) Partner Violence Against Women with Disabilities. Prevalence, Risks and Explanations. Violence Against Women, Vol. 12, No.9, pp. 805-822. [pdf]

    Abstract: Using a representative sample of 7,027 Canadian women living in a marital or commonlaw union, this investigation examined the risk for partner violence against women with disabilities relative to women without disabilities. Women with disabilities had 40% greater odds of violence in the 5 years preceding the interview, and these women appeared to be at particular risk for severe violence. An explanatory framework was tested that organized variables based on relationship factors, victim-related characteristics, and perpetrator-related characteristics. Results showed that perpetrator-related characteristics alone accounted for the elevated risk of partner violence against women with disabilities.Stakeholders must recognize the problem of partner violence against women with disabilities, and efforts to address patriarchal domination and male sexual proprietariness appear crucial to reducing their risk of partner violence.

  • Jane Mulroney (2003) Australian Statistics on Domestic Violence. Australian Domestic and Family Violence Clearinghouse Topic Paper. Sydney NSW. [pdf]

    From the Topic Paper: "The first national data on incidence and prevalence of domestic violence using a representative sample of 6300 Australian women was provided by the Women's Safety Australia study (Australian Bureau of Statistics [ABS] 1996). Prior to this, data was only available from self-selected samples (e.g. phone surveys or service usage)."

  • People with Disability Australia (PWDA) (2013) Key figures about women and girls with disability: Facts & figures - STVP. [html]