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National Symposium

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Podcasts and Transcripts

  • Welcome to Country - Ms Donna Ingram, Metropolitan Local Aboriginal Land Council [mp3 - 2.3MB] [transcript - Word 34kb]

  • Opening Address - Senator the Hon Michaelia Cash, Minister Assisting the Prime Minister for Women  [mp3 -15MB] [transcript - Word 54kb]

  • Introductory remarks - Project Steering Group Chair & Sex Discrimination Commissioner, Ms Elizabeth Broderick [mp3 - 15.1MB] [transcript - Word 54kb]

  • Plenary 1:  Key issues in Violence and Women & Girls with Disabilities [mp3 - 28.2MB] [transcript - Word 53kb]

    Chair: Ms Elizabeth Broderick
    Introduction to the Issues - Karin Swift, Women With Disability Australia (WWDA) President (00:00-08:22)
    Panel Discussion (from 08:43)
    Gayle Rankine - Gayle is Chairperson of the First Peoples Disability Network (FPDN) (from 09:51-11:21)
    Nihal Iscel - from the Ethnic Disability Advocacy Centre WA (12:21-16:15)
    Janice Slattery - Individual Self-Advocate/ Peer Educator and Researcher (17:23-20:30)
    Margie Charlesworth - Vice-President of WWDA (21:36-25:59)
    Discussion from the floor (26:55-30:07)

  • Plenary 2: Challenges and Opportunities for change [mp3 - 45.5MB] [transcript - Word 78kb]
  • Chair: Disability Discrimination Commissioner, Mr Graeme Innes
    Introduction to the Issues - Commissioner Innes (00:00-11:23)
    Panel Discussion (from 11.23)
    Debbie Kilroy - CEO, Sisters Inside (12:30-19:10)
    Dr Gabrielle Drake - lecturer at the University of Western Sydney (20:17-26:19)
    Dr Leanne Dowse -Senior Researcher at UNSW for the STVP (27:18-35:45)
    Discussion from the floor (36:35-48:30)

  • Summary - Dr Leanne Dowse [mp3 - 4.7MB] [transcript -Word 37kb]

  • Communique from Symposium Plans - Ms Therese Sands, PWDA Co-CEO [mp3 - 4.1MB] [transcript - Word 35kb]

  • Closing remarks - Ms Elizabeth Broderick [mp3 - 6.3MB] [transcript - Word 37kb]



  • Australian Greens Media Release 25 October 2013

  • PWDA Alert - National Symposium: Stop the violence against women and girls with disabilities

  • Media Release - Senator the Hon. Michaelia Cash: Stop the Violence National Symposium 25 October 2013 PDF 159kb

  • Women with disabilities twice as likely to be abused - Presented by Fran Kelly with guest Dr Leanne Dowse, Report by James Bourne, RN Breakfast, 25 Oct 2013 (Radio podcast with report)

  • Disabled females twice as likely to experience violence, abuse - Katie Hamann World Today, 25 Oct 2013 (Radio podcast with transcript)

  • Stop the violence against women with disability - Graeme Innes Ramp Up, 11 Nov 2013

  • Protecting women and girls with disability - Graeme Innes and Elizabeth Broderick The Drum, 25 Nov 2013

  • Women with disabilities at risk of violence - Reported by Sarah Seghdi with guests including key members of the STVP, Keran Howe (WDV) Elizabeth Broderick, Therese Sands and Leanne Dowse, PM, 25 Nov 2013 (Radio podcast with transcript)

  • Tweets about #STVP

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Elizabeth Broderick, the Sex Discrimination Commissioner at the Australian Human Rights Commission and Chair of the Stop the Violence Project (STVP) Steering Group is hosting the Stop The Violence Project (STVP) National Symposium - violence prevention and response for women and girls with disability.

In Australia, women and girls with disability experience high levels of domestic and family violence and sexual assault and have high unmet needs in terms of access to domestic violence, sexual assault and related community services. The need for targeted measures to address violence against women and girls with disability, in order for them to participate as full and equal citizens in Australian society, has been identified as a priority at both domestic and international levels.

The STVP National Symposium is a by-invitation-only event that will bring together representatives from a broad range of policy and service sectors to assist in identifying measures for cross-sector service system reform to better meet the needs of women and girls with disabilities who experience or are at risk of experiencing violence. 

“The key aims and purpose of the National Symposium on violence against women and girls with disabilities are:

  • To raise awareness of the issue of violence against women and girls with disabilities and to foster an understanding of the issues underpinning violence within a human rights framework;  
  • To engage high level stakeholders and decision-makers in moving forward to address violence against women with disabilities;
  • To foster collaborative approaches to policy development and service provision by strengthening cross-sector relationships and leadership for sustaining change in the identification and implementation of better practice models to prevent violence against women and girls with disabilities;
  • To identify measures for the longer term sustainability of addressing violence against women and girls with disability. 

The National Symposium will be conducted in a participatory manner with plenary discussions as well as working group discussions on the key areas identified by research.  Participants of the Symposium are expected to play an important role in contributing to the gathering of the evidence base for the STVP. Information gathered at the Symposium will be critical in informing the development of a Good Policy and Practice Compendium for service provision for women and girls with disabilities.”

The STVP National Symposium is being held on 25 October 2013, 10am – 4:30pm at the Australian Human Rights Commission.